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Escorts for erotic sado in Barcelona

The pleasure can be lived in many ways, and one of them is through the role of dominant and dominated, or abused or mistreated. Sado is an increasingly widespread sexual practice that is still a bit taboo today.

However, in Le Privée taboos don’t exist. At Le Privée we understand that sex can be enjoyed in many ways, and sado is one of them. We know that not all people like sado, that’s why at Le Privée we put at your disposal the most beautiful girls in Barcelona so you can have sex with them as you like.

We are a luxury escort agency, so we have the hottest and hottest sluts ready for you. All of them have perfect bodies, they are sensual, erotic and they really want to meet you. The escorts of Le Privée are experts in all kinds of sexual practices, so you can do with them everything you want. Our girls are very beautiful; you can see them in our online catalogue. There you will find their photos, their description, their sizes… Everything! What do you prefer? Blondes, brunettes, redheads…? You choose!

Sado sex in Barcelona with Le Privée

Le Privée is more than a luxury whorehouse. We have several apartments in Barcelona where you can have safe and quiet sex, because in our escort agency we are very discreet: nobody will know where you are coming from or what you are coming for. If you prefer, we can take the girl you choose to your hotel or accommodation. There you can play and have wild sex like you’ve never lived before. You choose the role you will take, the erotic toys that you will use (if you want), as well as other types of materials. The pleasure is assured in Le Privée, the best luxury escort agency in Barcelona. Call us or send us an email, we will attend you and explain whatever you need to know!

Tips for having sado sex

If it’s the first time you’re having sex, either because you’ve never had the opportunity before or because you’re curious about this sexual practice, at Le Privée we give you some tips so you can enjoy it to the fullest:

  • A game of two: sado is a practice in which both of you must agree. Before starting, a series of rules and codes are established in case one of the two needs to stop. These rules must be respected if you both want to enjoy sex.
  • The materials: materials such as rope, leather, whips and other elements are often used in the sado. Before starting sex, check that you have everything you want to use during sex.
  • Have fun: finally, it only remains to have sex and have fun with the rules established in the beginning. If at any time you want to change roles, you just have to tell your escort.
We assure you… you will want to repeat again and again!

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