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Oral sex without Condom

The fact that men enjoy oral sex without a condom is nothing new. The condom not only protects against sexually transmitted diseases, but also removes sensitivity and eroticism to fellatio. Although many women like to give their partners oral sex with condoms of flavours, many others prefer fellatio without a condom to taste their partner’s penis because they find it very sexy.

Good fellatio in Barcelona

Fellatio and sex in general is an art: everyone can do it, but not everyone can do it well. That’s why the luxury escorts of Le Privée are sex experts. They can make the best blowjobs in Barcelona and, at the same time, provide interesting conversations, all with great style. If you want to enjoy a good fellatio without a condom, you can’t miss our luxury whores of Le Privée. If you like blowjobs in some special way, you just have to say it. Otherwise, our luxury escorts will teach you a new world of pleasure with their tongues, their lips and their sensual movements.

Girls who suck it in Barcelona: Le Privée

At Le Privée, one of the best luxury escort agencies in Barcelona, you can choose the girl you like and hire our fellatio service. All our girls are beautiful, elegant, attractive and hot. In our online catalogue you can see the photos of each of them, their descriptions, sizes and what they like the most. All our escorts are expert in fellatio, and it isn’t necessary to put a condom: they can give you pleasure without any barrier!

Safe oral sex

of men. The condom is the only contraceptive method that ensures the protection of diseases. But with the luxury whores of Le Privée, it won’t be necessary.

If you believe that you have a sexually transmitted disease and want oral sex without a condom, call us or send us an email first and we will see what we can do for you. But something is for sure… you will have sex!

    If you want to achieve maximum pleasure with oral sex without a condom, pay attention to these tips:
  • Cut your pubic hair: if you do not have pubic hair or if you have short hair, our escorts will not have to stop fellatio to remove hair from the mouth. In this way, your pleasure will not stop!
  • Come clean: so that you and the escort enjoy more of that intimate moment, we advise you to come showered. But if you prefer, you can shower with our escorts and have them fellatio in the shower!
  • Enjoy: finally, you just have to enjoy the pleasure and explode! Will you do it in your mouth or on your face?

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