At Le Privée we want your experience to be complete and that you live unique moments. Enjoy and leave us the rest.

The best greek in Barcelona

Le Privée is a luxury escort agency in Barcelona, which means that all our girls are sex experts, they are very clean and very cultured, so you can not only have sex with them, but you can also have interesting conversations. With the girls of Le Privée you can make your fantasy of making a Greek with a good ass come true. You just have to enter our online catalogue and choose the girl that you like the most. We will take care of the rest.

Escorts experts in greek

With Le Privée you can choose if you want to go to one of our apartments in Barcelona and have sex with our escorts, or we can take the girl you like to your house or hotel. If you are from the romantics, you can start with a dinner with our escorts, talk a little, party, and then end up in a hotel or apartment of your choice. If you prefer, you also have the option of having sex on the street with our whores. But it’s not that elegant and discreet, right?

How to enjoy with anal sex?

To fully enjoy anal or Greek sex, you have to stimulate the girl’s anus before moving into action. Once it has been estimated, it is necessary to use a good lubricant. You can wear it yourself or see how she puts it on her own.

When you are ready to take action, it is better that at first you put the penis slowly so that the anus widens. Then you can move faster. Also, if you prefer, it may be the escorts who choose the ideal position and move to give you more pleasure. And if you put a condom or lubricant on your penis, you will enjoy much more. Think that the anus does not have natural lubrication, so against more elements you use to lubricate it, much better for you!

Postures for anal sex

Anal or Greek sex is very pleasant but delicate, so it is important to choose the best sexual positions so that both of you can enjoy sex. In Le Privée we recommend that she be on all fours. This way the anus will be more dilated and the penis will be able to enter and leave more easily. The missionary, for example, is not a highly recommended sexual posture, because it is more difficult to penetrate the girl. But in sex… it’s all about trying! If you still do not know the escorts of Le Privée, call us! You will want more.

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