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Erotic Shower in Barcelona

Do you know what an erotic shower is? This is one of the preliminaries that we offer in Le Privée with which you will be able to live an erotic and very sensual experience. As its name suggests, this practice consists of enjoying a shower with one of our escorts, a perfect way to start caressing your bodies and make the temperature rise to the sky.

If you want to enjoy a sexual encounter full of eroticism and the sea of pleasure, sign up for one of our erotic showers and activate all your senses to the maximum.

But at Le Privée we do have beautiful women who love to have their asses penetrated. They are wild and very daring girls who have a great experience in the sexual field. That’s why, if you want to make a Greek with any of them, you just have to propose it to make you live a memorable day.

We know that it is not always easy to include a Greek in bed but with Le Privée you can practice it whenever you want and, in addition, with a sculptural woman who will make you scream for pleasure.

How to make a a pleasure Greek?

As we have already said, when we talk about a “Greek” within the sexual field we are talking about penetration or anal sex. That is, the penis instead of entering the vagina is introduced into the anus, a much narrower cavity that brings intense pleasure to the man. In addition, many women can also feel great pleasure because many nerve endings arrive in the anus.

However, in order to make a good Greek is essential to take into account a number of tips, especially related to hygiene and safety. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Extreme hygiene: let’s not forget that the anus is the channel of our waste, so it is essential that before doing a Greek extreme hygiene measures. Our escorts are extremely clean and clean, so if you hire this service you can be completely safe and quiet in this regard.
  • Relaxation: for anal sex to go perfectly, it is important that both of you are relaxed and predisposed to live this experience. If you are the one who penetrates, you will have to do it with delicate movements at the beginning so that, thus, the anal cavity is dilated. Otherwise, you could hurt your penis and also cause pain to the woman.
  • Lubrication: and finally, to make the experience incredible, it is highly recommended that you use some kind of lubrication. Remember that the anus, unlike the vagina, does not have fluids that can lubricate the area, so using Vaseline is a perfect option for penetration is as pleasant.

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