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Luxury whorehouse in Barcelona

LePrivée is one of the most prestigious luxury escort agencies in Barcelona. All our prostitutes are healthy, clean and excellent in bed. Our escorts are the most beautiful and hot in the city, so you can choose the one you like most by looking at their photos and descriptions in our catalogue of whores. At Le Privée, in addition, we guarantee an incredible sexual pleasure, since all our girls know how to move with sensuality to make you enjoy just looking at them..

Why have sex with prostitutes?

Anal sex is not something that many women like. That is why if you need this type of sex in your life, it is advisable to go to a professional whore so as not to force another woman to do something she does not want. All Le Privée escorts are experts in all types of sex, so they will be happy to have anal sex with you. You just have to choose the woman you like the most and make an appointment with Le Privée.

Tips for anal sex

At Le Privée, our escorts are sex professionals, so they can guide you at all times so you have the best sex of your life. However, we leave you a series of tips to have anal sex with someone:

  • Lubricates the area: the anus does not have natural lubrication, so through games and artificial lubricants our escorts will prepare your body for you.
  • Do not be gross: the anus is a very sensitive area, and although our escorts are professional, to have anal sex you have to put your cock in little by little so them ass dilate.
  • Enjoy: later, just enjoy. Move as fast as you want, or let our escorts move for you. The important thing is that you enjoy and have incredible sex.
We assure you … once you try it, you’ll want to repeat!

Anal sex with Le Privée

Unlike other whorehouses, Le Privée only has luxury escorts. All of them have been carefully chosen through a very selective casting, so we only offer you the best. Our whores know how to do all kinds of sex so that you can reach the maximum pleasure, so you can choose the one you like the most and reach orgasm with them. Enjoy them!

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