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In order to develop your experience with one of our escorts in the best possible way, we have a series of locations. In the heart of Barcelona we have a private apartment with no additional cost, perfectly located so that you can easily reach it from anywhere in the city and surroundings. We also have chalets, apartoteles, private estates, limousines, yachts, etc.  All of this is luxurious and high quality, because we want to offer you the best experience you can imagine.

In our wide and varied offer you will find gentlemen and transvestites of company, which can be hired separately or as a complement for our ladies. Don’t miss the opportunity to make a trio, one of the most recurring fantasies of our customers. Logically, this is a complex relationship so it is best to try it with people who are professionally dedicated to it and who know all its peculiarities to prevent it from going wrong.

In order to adapt to your needs, we have a wide range of possibilities as far as types of women are concerned. Regardless of whether you like blondes or brunettes, voluptuous or slim, shy or daring, we have all the styles of women, so just take a look at our girls and choose the best option.

At Le Privée we have a high esteem for the satisfaction of our clients and that is why we take all the necessary measures to ensure that you have everything you need. In that sense, the first thing that concerns us is to provide you with a place in keeping with your preferences so that your experience can develop in complete peace of mind. Don’t hesitate any more and contact us to hire an attentive and attractive european escorts. We can assure you that you will be completely satisfied.

Our sexual services

At Le Privée we offers you a multitude of sexual services so that you can choose the one that best suits you and your sexual needs at the time. We have several apartments throughout Barcelona so you can meet with our escorts and carry out your greatest fantasies. Threesomes, golden showers, sex in limousines … And much more! But if you prefer discretion, we can deliver the whore at your hotel or wherever you stay.

To hire any of our services, all you have to do is enter our website, choose the girl you like, and make a reservation for the day and time you prefer. You will also have to tell us what services you would like to hire. However, you can also call Le Privée and hire everything by phone. Your comfort is the most important thing for us.

Private apartment
We have private apartments at no extra cost, located in the most central and exclusive area of Barcelona.

Escorts for home outcall
Reservation management in our selection of aparthotels, which stand out for their exclusivity and luxury facilities.

Erotic massage

If you prefer something more elegant and luxurious, another option we provide is to spend the evening in an aparthotel. This is a very practical and comfortable idea as it will allow you to enjoy first class facilities and an environment full of exclusivity.

In this way, you can enjoy an erotic, sensual and luxurious evening in the company of the girl of your choice. A perfect way to spend a wonderful and unforgettable time with women who, at first sight, will take your breath away.


Having a threesome is one of a man’s most recurring fantasies. The possibility of having relations with two women at the same time is one of the biggest dreams because it allows to multiply the sexual pleasure. Hire our escort girls to live a unique experience. Their experience will make you experience a climax twice as intense as you are used to.

Anal sex

Many women do not want to experiment with anal sex out of fear or ignorance of how to enjoy the practice. Therefore, hiring a sex professional is the best option to satiate your desires. Our girls are used to this type of sexual practice and know all the tricks to enjoy to the maximum. In this way, you will feel totally comfortable and will discover the advantages of anal sex.

Facial Ejaculation

I’m sure on numerous occasions you’ve seen porn scenes culminate in facial ejaculation. However, in the real world, women often reject this option when they reach climax. If you’ve always wanted to end up spreading your sperm on the face of a thirsty woman, the girls at Le Privee will be delighted to have you ejaculate on her face as the icing on the cake.

Golden shower

There are many people who are curious about less conventional practices such as golden rain. Somehow, they find pleasure in feeling the urine for their body and our escorts will be happy to satisfy that curiosity. Logically, doing it for the first time with a professional increases the chances of making it an enjoyable and unforgettable experience.


Although we are used to talk about male ejaculation, the truth is that there are also women who when they reach orgasm ejaculate their flows with great power. If you want to try what it feels like to see a woman enjoying herself to the fullest, our escorts and escort girls will be delighted to give rein to their pleasure with a good female ejaculation.

Escorts for hotel outcall

In case you don’t want to move from your hotel, you have to know that in Le Privée we have a service of prostitutes to the hotel or at home. This way, you only have to call us by phone and tell us which girl you want to spend the night with.

She will come very discreetly to the agreed point and then you can live a night of passion and desire to the fullest.


And last but not least, we also help you make your sexual fantasies come true. We have girls who are very daring and experienced, so you only have to tell us what fantasy you want to fulfill and we will take care of it.

You should know that, in addition to female prostitutes, in Le Privée we also have a team of men and transvestites who can come to your appointment. You just have to tell us what you want to do and we’ll make it happen.


Have you ever fantasized about group sex? As they say, sharing is living, and in this case an orgy is the perfect occasion to enjoy sex with several people at the same time. Share an unforgettable experience with luxury escorts. If you think that sleeping with one of these women, imagine doing it with several at once and multiply the pleasure.

Erotic shower

If you want to see how escorts are able to turn something so everyday into an unforgettable sexual experience, hire one of our escort girls and you will see the advantages of an erotic shower. It serves as a prolegomenon or as a complete sexual relationship. It all depends on how far you want to go. Put yourself in the hands of our luxury escorts and they will know how to stimulate you.


Since ’50 shadows of Grey’, there’s been a boom on sado. This sexual practice has become very fashionable and there are many men who want to experience the incredible pleasure it offers. Sado is a way of understanding sex through physical pain. If you want to know the world of BDSM, hire one of our girls to do it in a pleasant and safe way.

Deep Throat

I’m sure you’ve fantasized more than once about more intense oral sex than you’re used to. That’s why deepthroating is one of the most popular services at Le Privee. Our girls have a great ability to do extreme fellations, taking your penis up to the trachea so you can enjoy it to the fullest and enjoy new sensations.

Oral Sex whithout condom

Continuing with the fascinating world of fellatio, our escorts will give you a scandalous blowjob without a condom. In this way, the greatest possible feeling of pleasure is guaranteed. If you think you’ve enjoyed fellations before, that’s because you haven’t put yourself at the service of our escorts. They not only enjoy themselves but also recreate themselves until you reach a spectacular climax.


One of the most demanded internships at Le Privee. Without a doubt, Greek is one of the most recurring fantasies for men, as many women tend to reject it. However, our escorts are accustomed to anal sex and therefore know all the tricks to make it totally enjoyable and no inconvenience for anyone.

We offer a wide variety of escort girls who will come to your side throughout the event. In this way, you will be able to appear with an elegant, beautiful and cultured woman that will leave them all in stone.

Displacement to the hotel of the client with total discretion and appropriate presence of the companion.

Rent of vehicles and facilities
We manage the rental of vehicles, limousines, yachts or first class properties (Villa, luxury apartment or private estate)

Le Privée puts at your disposal the contracting of special services for your most intimate fantasies. We have gentlemen and travesties for company with a young lady, as well as a special service of two young ladies only for the most demanding.

Book with us; Make your fantasies come true and experience your experience.

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