How to take an escort to a party?

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Escorts for home outcalls

Escorts are more than whores, they are elegancy, intelligence, presence… they are class! At Le Privée we know it, so we selected girls with the better abilities talking and seducing. Because of that, you will relax ‘cause you will know that any of our girls is perfect to you!

Do you want a girl for home outcalls? At Le Privée you will have a lot of options to do that!

It’s a fact that if we take a whore to a party, we don’t want that other people kwon the true about who is she. Because of that, we give you some advice for taking an escort to our party:

  • Talk about her with your friends: but not the party day. That means you should talk about her days before the party. So her presence doesn’t be weird for your friends.
  • Invent a story:our friends or your family don’t suspect about her if you create a credible story about whom she is, about how you meet and things like that. Is important that you explain that at your escort so she can lie too. 
  • The dress: the clothes she wears can be a decisive point to other discovers her true identity, so… explain her what can she wear! Informal, elegant clothes… but not provocative ones! Be careful about that.
  • What will happens next?: but you need thing about other thing… what will happens next the day of the party? It’s possible that our friends or your family want to see her again. You would need invent an excuse or pay for her company again!

Escorts for alone people

That’s other possibility, and you don’t have to be ashamed. Sometimes we can have time of loneliness: we lose friends, we have family problems… or maybe we are a very shy person.

Doesn’t matter why you pay for an escort, you can enjoy with her company, just like a friend. You can go to the cinema with her, have a drink or having sex. That means, you can choose what happen with her!

And if you are shy but you want to have sex with one of our whores, don’t worry, you can pay and talk with her some days and, when you are ready… you will enjoy of her sexual abilities! 

Escorts at Le Privée are authentic professionals having sex, so you can delight of her movements, her bodies and her sensuality. You’ll just have to let yourself be seduced!

Have sex with escorts 

Don’t be ashamed if you want to have sex with your escort after the event. You can do both! In fact, that’s the best way to having sex with somebody: first, have a date and talking a lot; then, going to bed with her. 

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